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Posted: August 18, 2022 by Brian Johnston

It has been some time since I’ve posted anything new at The Proversation, and I am afraid I owe you an apology. Not so much for my lack of content, which has proven more than challenging during this political climate, but for not giving you, the audience, something of true value.

I still sincerely think that Americans are nowhere nearly as divided as the media and social media would have you believe, but the evidence in front of my very eyes suggests otherwise. It’s time to read the room and to chart a new course, one that better matches what I have to offer with what I hope you might find useful. To that end, you will start seeing some clear changes around here in the next few weeks.

The Proversation will be moving away from news and politics and setting forth on a path toward self-actualization within a life of meaning. We plan to give the site a bit of a facelift to reflect this change and to return to providing content. This is a relatively esoteric and ethereal thing to capture—that is our challenge. To simplify, we are all embarking on a journey together to find a life of purpose and satisfaction.

We’re going to talk about our relationships with each other and our spouses. We will examine what it means to seek a life of meaning versus happiness. Let’s talk about what we learned over lockdown. Inside you is an inner superhero—we are going to find out how to identify your superpowers and learn how to deploy them effectively. Character flaws—we’ve all got them. Let’s figure out how to increase our awareness and minimize the impact of these deficiencies. We’re going to take inventory of our lives. Moreover, we’re going to talk about making the most of our time on this Earth, as time is the one currency that actually matters.

I plan on getting personal, giving you a window into my life, as uncomfortable as that may be at times. I tend to learn the hard way, so the lessons I’ll be providing here were hard-earned and often painful. However, the metal-on-metal nature of these difficult moments and revelations have resulted in deep self-reflection yielding real self-improvement. Perhaps we can all benefit from the lessons we’ve learned the hard way, and possibly even avoid making a few common mistakes.

This is about finding the shortest path to a better life. I think I may have uncovered a few of these secrets, and I want to share them with you. But more importantly, I want to use The Proversation to find my own path to enlightenment. To that end, I’d like to ask for your help.

What is your secret to a more satisfying life? How do you handle conflict with your partner? What has helped you work around your character flaws? Has someone unexpected taught you a valuable life lesson? Let’s hear about it. Did we get something completely wrong? Won’t be the first or last time—give us the truth. I promise we can handle it. Every article and podcast has an area for your comments and they ALWAYS get read. Let’s get The Proversation started! Together we can grow this simple idea into something far bigger.

You may have noticed I’ve switched between ‘I’ and ‘we’ repeatedly in this article. My partner, Rick Godspell, is still here to provide his unique perspective and counterpoint. We will be doing this together and he has lots of his own ideas that will help extend our ‘Venn diagram’ to cover far more territory than I can on my own. Rick is a force to be reckoned with, and I am excited to continue my partnership with him.

And so I offer this, my mea culpa and my personal promise to you: We will strive to truly provide you an alternative to the negativity that permeates all media these days. No more CON-versations, we are here to bring the PRO-versation: a positive way forward to a more satisfying life. It’s the best thing that I have to offer. I hope you find something vital here.


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