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Posted: March 2, 2018 by Rick Godspell

Both Brian and I each listen to a lot of podcasts, and what we haven’t yet found, is us. Two interested and literate nobody fellow citizens that have the ability to avoid being drawn in and indoctrinated by the usual egocentric distractions that is our current media and news sources in general.

This is an important time in history. It has never been both so good and so bad on so many levels. Regardless of the size of the problems, it seems obvious we need to start thinking outside the box and apply what we have learned instead of making the same mistakes.

At present we have no books to sell you or any pertinent degrees that prove we are anything more than interested literate intelligent members of your species looking to engage in a positive way. We each have our own yet in some cases overlapping interests and spend a good portion of any free time not just reading about but digging into the topics we are looking to discuss.

We are not looking to just let loose and be another pair egocentric useless talking heads, rather we are trying to work towards actually developing a constructive conversation focused on solutions. The discussion will hopefully evolve to include you and those that are actually experts in fields of interest. From there we hope to move from discussions to citizen created legislation and amendments that will help initiate a move towards a more balanced and productive society and culture.

Big dreams I know, but nothing gets done without someone at least trying. This is not to say there isn’t anyone trying, I just think it would be good to join in and try and get some momentum in the right direction for a change. Hopefully, you will find it interesting enough to come along and help out.

As far as me personally, I come from a working-class family of Wisconsin natives with no connection or interest in politics. At least as I remember it growing up. I tend to not remember a whole lot of good memories as a youth, mostly due to my lack of common sense and a white-knuckle grasp on my own self-interests. As time moved on I gradually grew out of the incessant narcissism and stupidity (Still a work in progress) to the point now where I try and learn from my self-induced regrets. Life is a journey and I have, after experiencing and inflicting much pain and anguish, come to realize that I am luckier than most and have a long way yet to go.

One thing that I have found useful, applies a native American concept of using your death as your guide. If you were on your death bed right now, would you feel you had done your best? Would you feel satisfied with the choices you made and the path you followed up to that point? The truth is, that moment could come sooner than you think and often does. You may have some “spiritual” belief system that you subscribe to so you feel better about that final day, but ultimately, no one knows for sure what if anything lies beyond death’s door. One thing is for sure, those you leave behind can have either benefited from your presence here or they could have been hindered. It is your choice.

This is one of the reasons I am here now. I see all that is going on in the world and how little control each of us has on the current situation politically, socially, ethically etc.…  Throughout the last few decades it has become increasingly clear that “We the People” has come to mean less and less. We – the majority of the American populous – have become less and less.

Less educated, less disciplined, less healthy, less informed, less ethical, less moral, and less wise. We have allowed ourselves to be trained to value money, profit, and our own selfish wants over the collective need. Our complacency and narcissism have brought about what was warned about in books like George Orwell’s 1984 along with warnings of former presidents and leaders ranging from Washington to Wilson.

“The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that the financial element in the large centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson.” –  Franklin Delano Roosevelt

At the moment I write this, President Trump and his administration have been in power for a little over a year. I do not think we will retain any sense of freedom or democracy if they and the Republican party as it sits now are allowed to continue as they have. And the Democrats are no saviors here either. Ultimately, we need to accomplish some seemingly impossible changes to rebuild our democracy and bring balance to the administration of our country. The only way that is going to happen is if “We the People” work together.

Some of the topics I plan to discuss in detail are:

  1. Remove money from politics – Although attempts like The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (McCain Feingold) or the more current American Anti-Corruption Act (AACA) have made it to paper, nothing has yet found its way to the larger populous or the enacted into the enforceable law of the land.
  2. 8-year term limits across the board
  3. Reelections are based on performance and achievements on the job.
  4. Zero tolerance – There should be no tolerance for harmful or destructive laws or licensing that allows for corporations to poison, pollute, destroy, or otherwise harm in any way to the public, life, or environment.
  5. Any attempt to limit voter’s ability to vote will be considered a federal offense and punishable as such.
  6. Freedom of speech means just that. We need to more clearly define hate speech and provide a more direct application of justice where applicable, however, being offended has become a go-to for the weak minded.
  7. Separation of church and state must be maintained in its strictest sense.
  8. No company or corporation is too big to fail
  9. Foreign policy
  10. Education for all
  11. Health Care for all
  12. Self-responsibility
  13. Equal pay for all
  14. Religion vs. belief vs. reality
  15. Science – The process and how you rely on it whether you want to or not.
  16. Suppression of intelligence – The Dunning-Kruger effect and how being Stupid seems like the new smart thing to do.
  17. The usual response to an argument “What about”? – The tactic of a shallow lazy fool.
  18. Reasonable regulations and how they fuel innovative, competitive, safe, and successful industry.
  19. Efficiency and Ethics presently have nothing to do with how we achieve profitability in the corporate world. 
  20. Money is not success – you are not a better person because you have more money.
  21. Freedom of speech
  22. It is Un-American to not care.

There is much more on my mind, but that is a good start I think.

Some final tidbits of personal info to round out the profile, hopefully, nothing to send you packing as of yet.

I have no children, unmarried, and an atheist. I will most likely be expressing some views in contrary to yours about subjects you will probably feel I have no right to express. I disagree. Just like you, I have as much right to try and work out our mutual issues to our mutual benefit as much as anyone else. And if you consider what I am saying and we are attempting here in the context of that focus, I suspect most are only doing a lot of being offended and expressing an opinion and nothing more. This is again, where we differ and are looking to draw you into this discussion so we can move to a compromise to get over the petty distractions we have all been trained to focus on while the rest of the world is moving on past us into the future. I want it all to work out, do you?

Ultimately, I sincerely hope you find our discussions and thoughts interesting and useful. We are just getting going and we will be evolving and growing as long as you allow us to.

I am here to take that frustration and helplessness Brian and I discuss during our lunch break, and during every other waking moment, and try and bring you into the discussion with the long-term hope of initiating some sort of positive change. I hope to do more over time but at least this is a start for now.

I wish you well and I look forward to getting into your head soon.

Rick Godspell
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