Police brutality, protests, and vigilantes–to what end?

Posted: August 29, 2020 by Proversation Design Admin

Another instance of police violence against an unarmed black man in Kenosha leads to the paralyzation of Jacob Blake. Protests turn to riots and downtown Kenosha burns, bringing guns and militia the next night. Unrest turns ugly as a 17-year-old vigilante kills 2 and injures a third. Where do we draw the line between protesting and rioting? How do we repair the relationship between police and the black community? Does any of the violence bring us any closer to justice or change?


  1. Image by _freakwave_ from Pixabay
  2. Jacob Blake Shot by Cop in Kenosha
  3. Two Officers Used Tasers Before Shots Fired
  4. Jacob Blake Did Not Brandish Knife, Gun in Kenosha Shooting
  5. Jacob Blake's Shooting Deepens Longstanding Resentments
  6. Kyle Rittenhouse Facing Charges of Murder
  7. Jacob Blake and Kyle Rittenhouse: Should Police Have Used Different Tactics?
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  • Ervin Riley Reply

    Rick and Brian. Good conversation and feedback! If only so many others have a broader perspective like you maybe we can start tearing down these walls of racism that divide this nation.

    • Brian Johnston Reply

      We couldn’t agree more. The Proversation is rooted in the idea that having uncomfortable conversations while maintaining respect can change the world. But that’s the key: You’ve gotta do both! Social media has created a whole society of ‘Keyboard Cowboys’ who say ALL KINDS OF THINGS online that they’d never say in real life. They stoke the fires of hatred while providing nothing in terms of solutions. We strive to be a counterforce to such nonsense. Thanks for listening!

  • JodyAnderson Reply

    Always an honest, unbiased, intelligent conversation. Great job guys!

    • Brian Johnston Reply

      Thanks so much, Jody! We really appreciate the kind words and support.

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