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They Call Me RINO

Posted: November 1, 2019 by Brian Johnston

Just before the election, I was the object of scorn from my Republican friends that knew I was voting third-party, “You know, you might as well just go ahead and vote for Hillary.” Fascinatingly enough, I got a similar chiding in the days following the election from my Democrat friends, “Hope you’re happy. Might as well have just voted for Trump.” The great irony here is the idea that both sides seemed to accuse me of somehow cutting off my nose to spite my face. Whether it was perceived as disloyalty to my own party or disloyalty to America, neither tribe could stand the likes of me.

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The Case for a Third Party

Posted: March 21, 2018 by Brian Johnston

It only takes a handful of third party seats in both houses to hold MASSIVE swing power. If we can put, say, 10 Senate seats in third party hands, it would force ANY party wishing to pass legislation to seek votes across party lines. They couldn’t get a majority without a few votes from across the aisle. This is an America that can get things done.

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