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Social Media Censorship

Posted: January 22, 2021 by Proversation Design Admin

Trump supporters have complained for months that they were being unfairly targeted with Fact-Checking on Facebook. Meanwhile, posts from the left appeared to be under no similar scrutiny. When Twitter shut down @RealDonaldTrump after the insurrection at the Capitol, his supporters were outraged. Is the right being unfairly judged on social media, and does it represent a violation of their First Amendment rights?

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Hindsight is 2020

Posted: January 9, 2020 by Brian Johnston

It has taken our nation 250 years to weave the fabric of our Republic, and I’m bound and determined to do whatever it takes to not lose those hard-earned gains to some meme, fake news article from a Russian troll farm, or Twitter post from the Commander in Chief. Indeed, we need to be better than this, and it must start from within.

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Spirited Debate: A How-To Primer in the Days of Social Media

Posted: January 21, 2018 by Proversation Design Admin

If there’s one thing it seems you are not supposed to talk about in public, it’s POLITICS. It’s not for the dinner table. It’s not for parties. It’s not for the workplace. It’s not for social engagements. It’s not proper talk on a first date. It’s not proper talk on the 10,000th date. We are just not supposed to talk about politics anymore.

It wasn’t always the case in this great nation of ours. Before electronic media, debates were part of public discourse, and were often staged events that occurred in the Town Hall and people would attend for entertainment. Debate was encouraged.

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